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Sportive Lakes - The Mighty Corinthian

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The Mighty Corinthian


The Mighty Corinthian now joins our other retro events, À L’ancienne and Le Loafeur as part of the weekend-long Velo Retro. So on Sunday, you can rest your legs, listen to music and relax in the Gin Tent and fill your tanks from our great street food providers!

The Mighty Corinthian is a replica one day classic from back in the day. Big distances, lots of climbing, spectacular locations – all ridden on vintage steel bicycles in period kit! The only difference is that you’ll receive the famous Sportive Lakes support and you’ll be really well fed! So, fish out the Sean Kelly outfit, polish up the old Raleigh and let’s go!

The Mighty Corinthian showcases the finest of the Lake District landscapes – coastal plains, wild moors, arable farm land, wonderful villages, the odd mountain pass and just a few lakes! Due to the length of the event, we’ve missed some of the steepest climbs to give you the best chance of success. This isn’t about going fast; it’s about having a huge experience with like-minded people, it’s about having one of the great days of your life!

What’s it like to ride? Read Mike Stead’s Road CC article here

Your bike; should be (or be a replica of) a bike from 1987 or older. This means steel, downtube shifters and non-index gears…it’s the real thing! If you don’t own a classic bike, no problem, we’ll be working in partnership with some very high quality vintage hire people!


Mike Stead

The Mighty Corinthian is perfect. It’s arguably the most you can fit into a single day of cohesive cycling-related meaning – a continuous route without repeat, a nice fat round number distance-wise, two big climbs, more scenery than you can shake a bidon at, and throughout, great food and consistently excellent, thoughtful organisation. 

This is a Mighty event. It’s certainly not for everyone. It will test you like you’ve probably never been tested before. It’s not an audax on busy, flattish main roads. It’s not a hyperbolically monikered sportive in the South Downs with a silly logo aimed at attracting Sunday Warriors on five-grand sub-7kg racers. It celebrates what I now consider to be the most gorgeous corner of This Scepter'd Isle, using an immaculately chosen route with challenges to test the strongest, yet within reach of anyone willing to prepare and persevere. 

If you put one ride on your bucket list for 2017, make it this one. It will hurt you, but you’ll love it.