Our Story

Sportive lakes - Our Story - Alan and Ali BrentonSportive Lakes was launched by Alan and Ali Brenton in the autumn of 2013. We’ve been running courses and events in the UK and internationally for many years. We’ve always been known for events which made people happy – we’ve always known that making the effort to get to know people and to try to make their day costs nothing; but the value it adds is enormous. We know that many cycling events are just a little bit too straight and serious – whilst we’re serious about getting things right, what we’re most serious about is making sure that you have fun! We’d ridden a lots of sportives and noticed that they are usually safe and well organised, but sometimes lack a bit of fun and support. We also noticed that many were pretty hard core and competitive and rarely focussed on women or newcomers. We then visited L’eroica in Italy and asked ‘why can’t you have that kind of fun and atmosphere in every cycle event?’ So we decided to make it happen. Sportive Lakes is all about Lake District cycling events which make you smile. Events where you’re disappointed to go home. Events where, even if you’re a first timer, you’ll feel reassured and supported.

We Are Different

Sportive Lakes - we are differentWe plan every cycling event to be the best we can make it. From the very first contact with us, to the drive home, complete with tired legs and a smile, we aim to make everything special. We put great effort into planning, developing and reviewing the finest routes that the Lake District can offer. We never assume that anything is finished. We use real food providers who’ll serve tea in china cups and huge slices of homemade cake. We encourage support and friendship before pace and competition and we do everything we can to support you in achieving your goals. What this means is that our events tend to be great fun – people make friends and talk about views and laughs rather than times and gear ratios.

We only recruit helpers and marshals who buy in to our philosophy, from John, our mechanic who has been known to tighten a guy’s bottom bracket five times to enable him to finish Á L’ancienne, or our broom waggon driver who stayed out on the Lo Scorpione route until 7pm to allow a group of ladies to finish! We have dozens of emails telling us that our riders love what we do, they come back for more and bring their friends. So don’t leave it too late – we can’t offer this service with huge event numbers, so expect to see waiting lists in coming years! Sportive Lakes cycling events will make you smile!






Sponsor one of our special and distinctive events. We have a range of events in different styles, with different audiences. We’re always happy to talk to potential sponsors, particularly from quality brands and those with a commitment to our area. 


Volunteer at a Sportive Lakes EventWe’re always on the lookout for helpers who can make a positive difference to our events. So if you’re calm, well organised and love people, why not get in touch? We always have a great time running the events and you’ll get event goodies and free or discounted entries to future events.

Sportive Lakes sponsor - Ulverston Brewing Company

Sportive Lakes sponsor - Wax Lyrical

Our Events

Cycling events which make you Smile!

  • Le Loafeur

    Easy Riders in the Lake District

  • The Great Western

    A big adventure before breakfast – then meet your friends for lunch!

  • À L’ancienne – In the Old Way.

    Vintage Cycling time! Dig out the old bike, get dressed up and be ready for a weekend of authentic vintage fun!

  • Ladies of the Lake

    The Finest Women Only Cycling Event in the North!

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